Introducing Didactum Advanced Systems

Considering all of the information described above, this is where the very robust and reliable remote monitoring systems from manufacturer Didactum can be implemented into these remote site infrastructures that will provide the complete solution.

The integration of the Didactum controllers and sensors is accomplished with ease and simplicity. With the systems built in plug-and-play advanced technology the setup and installations are quick and seamless throughout the entire family of controllers, sensors and advanced features that are included.

The remote monitoring systems from Didactum are completely stand-alone controllers and sensors. This means that they do not require any other hardware or software to operate independently. This is a great advantage when applying this monitoring technology to remote sites where space and cost is limited.

The Didactum controllers support a very large variety of plug-and-play sensors. This is extremely important when the requirements include monitoring the many different types of systems installed in these remote sites including AC and DC voltages, water leaks, smoke, security doors, temperature, humidity among many other conditions. The Didactum remote monitoring systems also support advanced automatic alerting such as e-mail, SNMP traps and text messages.

As mentioned above regarding the remote locations the Didactum systems include a huge advance over other systems by including such features as the possibility of remote controlling equipment using the built in relays, remote backup generator control, rebooting equipment, remote environmental monitoring, remote power and video security monitoring, remote access control and many other options. Another very important available option worth mentioning is Didactum’s  monitoring systems 400/500/500DC/600 battery backup, so if power is lost the controller can still send out alerts.

A very nice advantage of the Didactum systems is they are fully capable of being installed at distributed locations, are scalable and can be easily monitored from a centralized location. The Didactum controllers and all sensors are fully SNMP compliant, so they will support the many types of NMS (Network Management Systems) including Nagios, OpenNMS, Zabbix including many other SNMP based monitoring tools. This feature is especially important when needing to poll the conditions of all of the sensors throughout the distributed remote sites.

In closing we learned that remote sites, specifically cell tower or telecom sites are normally unmanned, located in very remote locations that are difficult to travel to, there are many sites involved throughout a country and without any type of monitoring or alerting system in place the potential for loss is extremely great.

We also learned that on a positive note, by implementing Didactum’s systems the following advantages apply:

•    Potential for loss can be either reduced or eliminated.
•    Implementation of the Didactum equipment is simple and not complicated.
•    Built in plug-and-play advanced technology.
•    Completely stand-alone controllers and sensors.
•    Very large variety of plug-and-play sensors.
•    Control equipment remotely using the built-in relays.
•    Built-in Advanced automatic alerting.
•    Remote access control and video security monitoring.
•    Fully SNMP compliant.
•    Supports many types of NMS including Nagios, OpenNMS, Zabbix and other tools.
•    Multiple remote site monitoring easily deployed and centralized into one location.
•    System battery backup.

Using Didactum’s systems can easily justify the implementation cost when comparing the potential loss of equipment, damage, reputation due to downtime and all the other problems related to these remote sites.